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      Divorce After 50 in Bucks County – A Discussion of a Common Scenario

      More and more people are getting divorced after 50.  In fact, reports state that divorce later in life has significantly increased in the last 10 years, and it's been called the "grey divorce." Getting a divorce is devastating for many, but it can be even more difficult for those getting divorced later in life. 

      Consider the following scenario: 

      A couple has been married since they were in their early twenties.  They have 3 children together.  Prior to getting married, the wife worked as an executive assistant, and the husband started his own construction business.  Two years after they were married, they had their first child.  The wife intended on going back to work part-time after their son turned one.  However, she never did because she became pregnant with their second child.  The couple decided that the wife would stay home to take care of their children.  Three years after their second child was born, they had a third child.  As the years passed, the husband's business grew, and he was very successful.  Their lifestyle began to change.  They were able to purchase a bigger house, send their kids to private schools and live an affluent life.  The wife never went back to work because she didn't need to.  As the couple entered into their early fifties, the husband had an affair and wanted a divorce.  The wife is blindsided by this and is at a total loss as to what she will do in the future. 

      This above scenario is not that uncommon.  For individuals in similar situations, they will have many worries and concerns.  The most significant concern is probably their financial future. 

      Financial Concerns for Those Divorcing After 50 in Bucks County 

      If the wife has not worked since her twenties, how is she going to get a job?  She would like to go back to work as an executive assistant, but the technology has changed so much that she no longer has the computer skills needed for the job.  For instance, when she was an executive assistant, scheduling was not done on a computer, it was all written down on a date planner. She has never used a computer to schedule an appointment or meeting. In addition, the software she used when she was working is no longer being used in most businesses.  She would need to take computer classes to learn the necessary skills. Given the difficulties the wife faces in returning to the workforce after decades away, her financial worries are quite natural and very serious. 

      Emotional Well-Being for Those Divorcing After 50 in Bucks County 

      In addition to worrying about her financial future, she may feel extremely alone.  Her children no longer live at home.  She imagined that she would grow old with her husband after all of their children went off to college, but that is not going to happen.  She will be living by herself. As a result, she may feel anxious and depressed, which are not only common in any divorce, but particularly common for those facing a “grey divorce.” 

      Help for Those Divorcing After 50 in Doylestown and Newtown, Bucks County 

      It is important to get the support, both emotionally and legally, for those divorcing later in life.  Joining support groups can help tremendously.  You may meet others going through the same thing, and you may not feel so alone after all.  If you feel like you should talk to a mental health professional you absolutely should.  A therapist or a psychologist may provide tools and advice on how to deal with the hurt, loneliness and related feelings you may have due to the divorce. 

      Our divorce lawyers are compassionate and always have their clients' best interests in mind.  They understand that divorce may be one of the darkest times of their clients’ lives, especially those in their fifties.  Our lawyers are there for their clients and are with their clients at every stage of the divorce process.   We have offices in Doylestown and Newtown, Bucks County. 

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