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      Jeffrey Grisillo, Esquire, MBA

      Client Review (PA Support and Divorce) – “I have accomplished my goals and I’m pleased with the settlement and I am enormously relieved to eliminate the monthly requirement of several more years of alimony payments. Thank you for your efforts, assistance, support, availability, legal oversight and attention to my goals throughout the process.” ~ L.N. See more client reviews.

      Jeffrey Grisillo joined the firm in 2018 and is a practicing attorney licensed in Pennsylvania.

      Jeffrey spent his childhood in the Philadelphia area and later attended West Chester University.  After obtaining his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Jeffrey remained in the Philadelphia area and attended the Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law, where he enrolled in the dual Juris Doctor and Master of Business Administration Degree Program.

      Jeffrey developed skills needed to effectively resolve all types of complex family matters involving corporate investments, private business interests and valuations, performance measurement and accounting, knowledge which is sought after in high net worth divorces. As such, he is able to identify fairly complicated issues with respect to stock vesting schedules, stock grants, and stock strike prices, which may be implicated in a division of marital property during equitable distribution process.  Wealth of business and financial training allows Jeffrey to diligently and accurately resolve unique issues surrounding support and equitable distribution actions, maximizing financial results for his clients.

      Furthermore, through knowledge of performance measurement Jeffrey identifies business growth trends, which is essential if a business is subject to equitable distribution.  He determines earning capabilities of individuals who are self-employed and evaluates appropriate add-backs and income for support purposes, ensuring that his clients receive the best result possible in child support, spousal support, or alimony litigation.

      Jeffrey is known for his good interpersonal skills which allow him to assist his clients in difficult situations which are very common during contentious litigation.  Jeffrey has a hands-on approach to litigation, believing it to be similar to a degree to business negotiations. Although the individuals involved may have drastically different goals and viewpoints, Jeffrey ensures that his client’s views are properly advocated for and are heard at the negotiation table, not settling for anything less than the best possible outcome.  Drawing on his background in leadership and team building, Jeffrey is able to offer creative solutions that resolve issues where individuals are unable to agree, as well as avoid potential issues in the future.

      Jeffrey’s competency also includes handling difficult child custody litigation, where he is able to effectively guide parents in taking the correct approach to child custody situations.  Jeffrey believes in taking a pro-active approach to child custody, getting in front of potential issues, instead of a reactionary approach that may disadvantage parents in custody litigation.  For more information, please follow the link to Jeffrey’s blog regarding tips on effective co-parenting during a Pennsylvania divorce.

      In addition to an extensive focus on business, Jeffrey has worked primarily on family law matters, including divorce, custody, support, and other family-related cases since 2017 while still attending the law school.  He is able to transfer his advanced business knowledge into practical application in family law matters, leading to both success in litigation and prevention of future issues from occurring.  This blend of both business and law in a strategic way maximizes results for his clients in divorce, support, custody, and equitable distribution matters.

      Beyond his career as a family law attorney, Jeffrey enjoys spending his free time playing golf and hiking with his dog.  Jeffrey is an avid fan of the Philadelphia Eagles, as well as the other Philadelphia sports teams.  Additionally, Jeffrey is involved in a grass roots, non-profit organization that promotes civic awareness and helps individuals in understanding their rights as American citizens.

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      {“I have the utmost respect for Kevin. Professionally he is extremely experienced, bright, and a winner.”
      Michael V.

      No one will fight harder for you. Kevin has been everything, and more. I am in the middle of a nasty divorce and custody battle. Kevin explained everything…my options and was able to get normal visitation, holidays, and vacations for me with my children.

      Tim represented me in my exceptionally complicated divorce and no matter what twist came up, Tim was professional, responsive and got the results that made sense in the end. Tim always gave real honest advice, feedback and direction.
      James M.


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