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      Visitation in Bucks County Child Custody Cases

      Client Review (Child Custody and Divorce Case in PA)“I am extremely grateful for your handling of my custody case and with the results you were able to obtain for myself and my son… You did an exemplary job and I will gladly refer to you anyone who is in need of wonderful legal advice.” ~ Theo See more client reviews.

      Bucks County Child Custody and Visitation Lawyers

      Child custody and visitation arrangements often go hand in hand. During or following divorce proceedings in Bucks County, the courts will determine child custody and visitation based on meeting the best interests of the child. At Zlock, P.C.®our child custody lawyers will help you seek a visitation plan that fosters your relationship with your child and establishes healthy grounds for the child’s development. Oftentimes a custody issue becomes very emotional and turns into a battleground between the two parents. In some instances, a parent might get a child involved in resolving issues with another parent which is not the appropriate way to handle a custody situation. That is where we find our role as Bucks County child custody attorneys to share our experience in handling these difficult situations. In seeing many custodial conflicts over more than twenty years of legal practice, we almost always know how any given situation might develop and we can predict which ways, both legally and practically, might work better for the affected child and parents.

      How is Visitation Determined in Bucks County Child Custody Cases?

      The goal of the court is to make all child custody and visitation determinations with the best interests of the child in mind. Child custody involves both physical custody and legal custody. Physical custody refers to with whom the child will live. Legal custody refers to who will make important decisions regarding the child’s upbringing. Legal custody is often granted jointly.

      Visitation, or parenting time, is separate from child custody. Once physical custody has been determined, parents will work with their attorneys and the court to determine appropriate visitation time for the non-custodial parent. The court will consider the work schedules of both parents, the age of the child, and how the child will be impacted by the arrangement.

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