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      Enforcement of Divorce Settlements in Bucks County

      Client Review (Dublin, Bucks County Divorce) – “I just wanted to take a few moments to express my sincerest thanks to you and your staff for the assistance and support you gave through my divorce process. The divorce process can be an unpleasant one, however, you and your staff made it quite bearable.” ~ L. Winton See more client reviews.

      After the long, stressful and perhaps expensive process of getting a divorce in Bucks County, and after you and your spouse agreed to the terms of a property settlement agreement, a judge finally issued a divorce decree that incorporated the terms of your agreement. You thought it was all over and you could begin your new life. However, your ex-spouse has decided that he or she has the right to pick and choose which parts of the divorce order he or she wants to obey. If you find yourself in this situation, you would want to attend to the problem immediately by pursuing all legal remedies available to you by law. Our divorce lawyers in Doylestown and Newtown offer comprehensive advice on compliance with state law, legal procedures to enforce settlement agreements and imposition of penalties and sanctions.

      If your former spouse is in violation of your divorce settlement agreement and refuses to comply, we can file a motion on your behalf to hold him/her in contempt of court. Civil contempt is a serious matter. If held in contempt of court, your spouse may face significant penalties and sanctions. We offer clients our experience in dealing with contempt issues under most challenging circumstances, either by trying the matter in court or resolving it by other means. Regardless of our approach, we will be a strong opponent to the party in contempt.



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