Kevin Zlock Review
"I have the utmost respect for Kevin. Professionally he is extremely experienced, bright, and a winner."

Kevin Zlock Review - Divorce Case

"I have the utmost respect for Kevin.  Professionally he is extremely experienced, bright, and a winner.  Personally he has first class ethical and moral standards, and is completely straight-forward with you whether you are going to like what you will be hearing or not.  With regards to the office, they were incredibly friendly and professional, further contributing to an overall excellent experience given the circumstances. All the above is true, and I'll share some specific details from my case:  First off, it was a very contentious case involving custody primarily, and also support.  This should have been a very stressful period, and it was, but it was mitigated significantly by Kevin's expertise.  His ability to resolve my current issue and also forecast and plan ahead relieved me quite a bit and removed a significant portion of the burden.  There were numerous occasions where Kevin would meet with me on the weekend, sometimes very early in the morning, or take a late night call when something had come up.  When we did not connect, he was always very prompt with his response time. Easy to work with and pleasant to talk to, Kevin is someone that I would recommend to anyone in my life whether they, or someone they might know, is in need of the services of a family law attorney.  I found it very difficult to choose a lawyer, as there is no 'Consumer Reports' for attorneys, and it's not easily reviewable online.  That said, if you are looking for the best attorney in Bucks County, look no further than Kevin Zlock."

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