Bucks County Divorce Lawyer
"Kevin's expertise in the field of family law is tremendous...that makes him the best at what he does."

"Kevin handled my divorce very well.  He was very thorough, very responsive to my questions and to my concerns about the process.  He walked me through a lot of the steps. He was very calm.  He spoke to me and assured me about how things were going to go and how things went very well.

The process itself was rather smooth.  His competency in the field gave me confidence that everything was going to be handled appropriately.

Kevin’s expertise in the field of family law is tremendous.  He is a guy who just studies that one area of the law and that makes him the best at what he does.

His approach to all the cases has been one that is either victory or it’s nothing. He handles his clients and myself included in such a way that he truly cares about your issues.  He listens to you. He cares about how you want the case approached and managed.  Then he gives you the right advice to make sure that rational and reasonable decisions come from the end result."