Kevin Zlock Lawyer Review
"You are a wonderful man and a great friend!"

It was just so wonderful to see you tonight and to meet Katie. She is gorgeous and so sweet!

Kev, Bill and I talked about it on the way home and we were wondering if YOU could be EXECUTOR of our wills if we both conk out at the same time? I know that you would get a percentage of things and that would be really wonderful. You surely deserve it after putting up with me all of these years!

You are not only my lawyer Kev, but I consider you to be one of my most trusted friends. I am just so proud of you. I was telling Bill some of our stories when we had to go to court for Mr. Little Larry and how you scared the heck out of him and his lawyer! Fun times for sure!

Thank you for helping us Kev. I know you didn’t have to do that. We are standing on very financial shaky legs right now. I have always been terrified whenever Bill went into the hospital because he never wanted to get a will! This last time really scared me speechless though and I told him after we got the foreclosure cleared up, we were getting wills otherwise Kevin was going to be handling OUR DIVORCE! It didn’t scare him much but at least he said yes to get the wills done.

I will be talking to you soon! You are a wonderful man and a great friend! Take care and thanks for teasing me right back.

Kathy Petrosky - Levittown, Pennsylvania