Kevin Zlock, Bucks County Child Custody Lawyer, is Honest with His Clients

"Kevin has handled several custody cases for me.  Initially our custody was part of our divorce agreement.  Over the years, things have changed and we’ve had to go to court several times related to custody. I have had several custody agreements.  We’ve had issues as far as medical needs for my daughter and her father not agreeing to them. Kevin has really helped us to work through those issues.

What I liked was when we went to court for our custody hearing, Kevin was very honest with me about the fact that he felt that the judge had already made up her mind once we had gotten about an hour through the session.  He just said that he felt even if we had continued to go for the rest of the day, he didn’t really feel that her decision would change much, and I agree.  Now that I see how things work over the past six years, I think that was definitely the best advice that he could have given me.  I really appreciate it. It saved me a lot of money which I think a lot of the lawyers would have possibly let it go for the rest of the day even knowing that it wasn’t going to work out any better.

He actually took the time to sit with my ex-husband and talked to him about the arrangement outside of the chambers and get the whole thing settled without our baggage necessarily being involved and us arguing over things.  He dealt with it himself.  I really appreciated that.

Over the years, any time I call with custody questions, he gets right back to you. He keeps things as short as possible and really has helped me try to keep costs effective. Because unfortunately, it is a very expensive process.  So we really appreciate that about Kevin."