Protection From Abuse in Doylestown and Newtown

If you are in Doylestown or other parts of PA and are being abused by someone with whom you live, be it your spouse, domestic partner or the parent of your children, we can help. If you are the victim of abuse, our protection from abuse family law attorneys can seek a protective order on your behalf, even if you have not filed for divorce or are not married at all. When filing for a Protection From Abuse or Restraining Order in Pennsylvania, we can seek child custody and financial relief for you. If you seek divorce or separation in Bucks County, we can advise you on matters of child custody and visitationchild support and spousal support simultaneously handling your abuse matter. There is absolutely no good reason for you to ever be forced to live in an environment filled with violence and fear. If you are being abused or threatened, you don’t have to continue to live under such circumstances. You have rights and you must be protected. If you are concerned about safety of your children, please do not wait to seek professional legal help.

Defending False Accusations of Domestic Violence in PA

Unfortunately it happens that people will falsely accuse someone of domestic violence. These accusations are often leveled in an attempt to gain leverage in a custody battle or simply retaliate in a domestic dispute. If you have been falsely accused of domestic violence, our lawyers will defend you in court against these accusations.