No-Fault Divorce in Bucks County, PA

Pennsylvania is a no-fault divorce state. Put simply, husbands and wives who jointly seek a divorce are not required to demonstrate fault by either spouse.

However, if one spouse opposes the divorce, Pennsylvania divorce law requires a husband or wife to wait two years from the time of their separation to obtain a no-fault divorce. Our divorce attorneys in Bucks County are able to represent clients in all forms of divorce, including both uncontested and contested divorces.

Proactive Problem Solution from Top Rated Divorce Lawyers in Bucks County

Our PA divorce attorneys, who have offices in Doylestown and Newtown, take a proactive approach to divorce cases. We find that this approach often allows us to obtain fast and cost-effective results. Due to our firm’s reasonable approach to negotiations and dispute resolution, the majority of our divorce cases are resolved by mutual agreement, saving clients the time and cost of trial.

In instances when a client’s spouse (or their attorney) is unreasonable and unwilling to reach a fair and equitable agreement on property division issues or child custody, we are always prepared to advocate aggressively for the protection of our client’s rights and interests at trial.

Experience That Makes a Difference

Our divorce and child custody lawyers and staff handle divorce and family law cases in Bucks County, PA  on a daily basis. We are highly familiar with local courts, state law and court procedures that will play a significant role in the determination of your case. We have extensive experience with property division calculations, support determinations and child custody issues that play a significant role in divorce cases. We are pleased to share our knowledge with you in a very difficult time of your life.