Paternity in PA Child Custody and Child Support Cases

Bucks County Paternity Proceedings

When a husband and wife have a child during a marriage, it is legally presumed that the husband is the father of the child. When an unmarried man and woman have a child, the father of the child must be established in accordance with applicable Pennsylvania family law. For instance, mothers seeking an order of child support in Doylestown, PA must establish paternity. Fathers seeking child custody or visitation rights must establish paternity as well.

If you are seeking child support or opposing a child support order in a Bucks County paternity proceeding, it is important to have adequate financial documentation. People who come to court unprepared will not be happy with the results of their case. All too often, people contact child custody and support lawyers after they have received a bad decision that cost them dearly. Although we help clients in good and bad times, it is usually easier to achieve a good result at the outset of the case than it is to seek a modification of an existing child support order and challenge paternity issues.