Annulments in Doylestown and Newtown, PA

Bucks County Family Law Attorneys – Annulments

For legal and practical purposes, annulments in PA, including Doylestown and Newtown, are not the preferred method of dissolving marriage. Divorce is the preferred method of dissolving a marriage in Pennsylvania.

When Annulments are Granted in PA

However, annulments can be granted under some limited circumstances. For instance, if someone entered into a marriage based on fraud or duress, or if the parties were under the influence of alcohol when they entered into the marriage, an annulment may be granted. Additionally, if one or both parties to the marriage were under the legal age when they married, an annulment may be warranted. Nevertheless, most of the cases do not qualify for annulments and must be handled through divorce proceedings. We are pleased to offer clients our more than twenty years of experience in uncontested and contested divorces involving: