Effects of Unemployment and COVID in Child Support and Spousal Support Cases in Bucks County, Pennsylvania

By a Doylestown, Bucks County Divorce Lawyer

The COVID-19 pandemic has created much uncertainty in our daily lives.  Unfortunately, many individuals have lost their employment, or have had severe pay reductions, due to the effects of the pandemic and no longer have a stable income.  This significant change income can dramatically impact both child support and spousal support.  The Court in Bucks County, Pennsylvania is grappling with this widespread issue and has taken several different approaches in ensuring the appropriate amount of support is both paid and received.

Child and Spousal Support During COVID-19 in Bucks County Divorce and Child Custody Cases

Typically, an individual will pay child support or spousal support based on their current level of income.  In some situations, an individual may be held to a higher income than what they are currently earning (this is referred to as an “earning capacity”).  During the pandemic, the Court has been hesitant to hold individuals to higher earning capacities, especially if their reduction in income was a result of the effects of the pandemic.

Many individuals on unemployment compensation during the past few months have received an additional $600 per week from the federal government as a result of the CARES Act.  Unfortunately, this supplemental unemployment compensation terminated on July 31, 2020.  As a result, a child support or spousal support order that took into account this supplemental compensation must now be modified in order to ensure the appropriate amount of support is both paid and received.  Since child support and spousal support are only effective retroactively to the date in which a modification petition is filed with the Court, it is extremely important to act as fast as possible and contact a family law attorney immediately.

Modifying Child and Spousal Support During COVID in Bucks County Divorce Cases Divorce and Child Custody Cases

If your employment was terminated, or your pay was severely reduced, and you are a party to an active child support or spousal support order, please contact our offices immediately so that we may assist in modifying your child support or spousal support order appropriately to reflect your current income.  If you would like immediate assistance, please call us at (215) 968-1800 or contact us online. We offer evening and weekend appointments for your convenience as well as telephone consultations, if you live far away from our office. We also communicate with our clients via e-mail and respond immediately to all of your questions and needs.

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