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      Kevin Zlock, top Bucks County custody lawyer, discusses how a parent can modify existing child custody orders entered by the court in a PA child custody case.

      Many divorced or separated parents have a Custody Order issued by the court.  However, circumstances change, and a parent may want more time with their child than the Custody Order granted.  For example, a parent who had partial custody may want more time due to a change in employment.  The Custody Order was entered a couple of years ago, the parent’s job required him to travel overseas often. However, the parent now has a new job that no longer requires him to travel.  Therefore, the parent would now like more time with his child.   

      In this next question, firm partner Kevin Zlock, a Bucks County child custody lawyer, discusses 2 ways a Custody Order may be modified. 

      Question: My wife and have a Custody Order, but I want more time with my kids.  Can I modify the existing Custody Order? 

      Yes, there are 2 ways.  The best way is to discuss it, agree on it, sign the stipulation and make it an order of court. Inexpensive and quick.  If you can’t agree on it, then we would discuss the process, the cost and the likelihood of success. 

      Different judges have different biases, and we would have to address that issue and which judge you might have. As you go through the process and you are assigned the judge, we would then really hammer home that issue the way that judge wants to hear it.   We would minimize any problems in your case. What that judge would want not to hear, not that they want to minimize but we would want to minimize and to maximize the issues that would help you with each particular judge.  

      I have been doing this a long time, 28 years.  I have been in front of these judges a lot. I know what the law is.  We will hopefully settle your case without litigation. But if it’s necessary, we are going to maximize your chance of winning, and I am going to tell you how to do it.  We will appear in front of the judge and if it doesn't settle before the hearing, then we are going to maximize your chance at winning that hearing. 




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