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      Bucks County Divorce Lawyer, Kevin Zlock’s Approach to Handling Your Divorce Case

      Thank you for visiting our site.  I'm Kevin Zlock. I'm a family law attorney in Bucks County, PA. We handle matters of divorce, custody, support, alimony and any family law related matter.

      I’ve been a partner here and I've been an attorney for 28 years.  A lot of clients when they come in my door, they ask me – What's my approach?  That’s the wrong question. The right question is – What's your approach?   What do you want to have happen?

      There are two major, main approaches that you can take.  The first one is to try to settle for what you want, as quickly and as economically as possible. The other approach is litigation; not that you want litigation. Nobody wants litigation, but you need to prepare for it.  Not a week before or a couple of weeks before the hearing date. You need to prepare for it when you first come in the door, and that’s what we do.

      It’s your decision how you want to approach it. We'll discuss the procedure for both, the costs for both, the process, the pros and cons of each decision that we make, or that you make, and then we proceed. 

      We're in constant contact. Every one of my clients has my cell phone number.  I think it is very important that attorneys are accessible, especially in family law matters, that we're accessible as much as possible.  Most family law issues don’t occur Monday to Friday, 9 to 5.  They occur when folks come home from work.

      We do treat this as a team effort.  We do explain each option at each step that you are going to take.  You make those decisions. We work hand in hand.  There's no surprises in the process if it is done correctly, and it is done correctly here at Zlock, P.C.



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