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      How Our Bucks County Divorce Lawyer Best Prepares Clients for Divorce in Newtown and Doylestown, PA

      By Newtown Divorce Lawyer and Firm Parter Kevin Zlock​

      We Know Our Clients' Concerns About PA Divorces

      When a client comes in my door, my first concern is what do they want to have happen?  Do they want a divorce or not want a divorce?  Is custody the highest priority for them?  Is it a high net worth case? For example, a grey divorce where they are concerned about their assets and their income as they are approaching retirement.  So, I first want to find out from each one of my clients what they want.

      We Communicate with Our Clients

      Second most important thing to me is communication with our clients.  All of my clients have my cell phone number, and they also have the other attorneys’ cell phone numbers as well.  Jeff is an attorney here who also has an MBA, and Tim, the other attorney, has a CDFA.  

      We all are 100% available to you at any time of the day or night, weekends, holidays etc.  We will answer our phone any time we can.  If we can’t, then we will get back to you as soon as we get back to our phones and retrieve your message.  We want to be as available as possible so you can call us 24/7, and that’s not just communication by phone, but to come in and see us whenever you would like to.  Just schedule it at your convenience.  It can be evenings and weekends as well, so it does not interrupt your workday. We will accommodate your request if it’s possible.

      We Prepare Our Clients

      Third is preparation.  It is extremely important to be prepared for court, to be prepared for depositions, etc. Over the last 30 years in my practice, I noticed that many clients are worried about going to court. They are concerned about the questions they are going to be asked, how their position is going to appear when they are saying it to a judge.

      We prepare you for all of these circumstances. We prepare you for how to defend against the allegations from the other side.  We prepare you on how to pursue your interest and your position in the light most favorable to you.

      Many of our folks are concerned about it, but when we are done preparing, they realize, it is not something to be concerned about. Of course, the issues are important, and the outcome is very very important, but the act of actually walking into court and defending yourself or pursuing your interest, in it of itself is not a scary event when we are done preparing you. So that is not something that will factor into your thinking.

      If you determine that going to court is necessary, that will be your sole decision. If you don’t want to go to court, we will do everything we can to resolve the matters before court, which is often the best case scenario for many people.  However, if you decide that it is necessary to go to court, you will be ready, you will be prepared, and you will maximize your chance at achieving your goals.

      Experienced Bucks County Divorce and Child Custody Lawyers

      We have offices in Yardley/Newton and one in in Doylestown, in between the 2 court houses.  We are a 3 attorney firm, and we predominantly do family law. I don’t do any other area of law, just family law, including custody, divorce, support, alimony and all of the other related issues.



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